Facts and figures

Exploid hit more than 3.5 Million streams with more than a half of milion listeners worldwide in 2023 from Germany, United Kingdom, U.S.A, Czech Republic, Australia, New Zealand and many more.

In 2022 songs from Exploid has been added to the official LET IT ROLL NEUROFUNK Spotify playlist.

Exploid is supported by established brands in the scene:

Exploid has Previously released on:

  • Raw Audio (GER)
  • 3000 Bass (UK)
  • Jungle Cakes (UK)
  • Bad Taste Recordings (UK)
  • Play Me Records (USA)
  • UTM-Records (GER)
  • Moshbit Records (AT)
  • Shake Your Bass Audio (BE)
  • Druid Records (UK)
  • Sound Solution Digital (USA/NL)
  • Schedule One Recordings (USA)
  • Black Inferno Records (USA)
  • Suicidedubz Digital (UK)
  • Mutated Resonance (UK)
  • Mustache Crew Records (BR)